Day Experience

A Day on Reel Time Fishing Boats

Have you ever been out fishing and wished that you could capture brining in “The Big One” only to find yourself scrambling for a cell phone and hoping your best friend gets in on all the action?

Well, those days are over for good. Put your cell phones down and forget about your friends’ recording skills. We’ve got you covered from all angels. The Reel Time Fishing fleet comes equipped with 2 HD Garmin motion activated cameras strategically placed on your vessel. These cameras are set to record and capture all the excitement, while maintaining privacy at the helm.

Feel the need for live a live action close-up pictures and videos? Check out our rental packages that include Ray-Ban Stories Sunglasses…. With just one click, you are in full hands-free record mode with pole in hand, as you reel in that monster fish

Ray-Ban Stories

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